Wind 4.56%, 2 – 17 mph, Wales 6 – 17 mph, 0756 local time

Wind has typically collapsed to a negligible 4.56% contribution to electricity demand, about zero percent contribution to total demand (electricity plus all forms of fuel). A short lived windy front has blown itself out, after only about two or three days. The wind speed in the Betws area is now 7 mph, not enough to start the derelict and decaying wind turbines, thrown up just for subsidies in a gigantic swindle, a cesspit of organized corruption. Mynydd y Gwair is about to be destroyed in order to give money to the immensely wealthy Duke of Beaufort. This is backward and primitive colonial rule. Solar is negligible at 3.95% and hydro is a disgrace at 0.55%. All these so called renewables contribute a rounded off total of nothing to total demand, and pollute as much as anything else during construction. Extraction of gas pollutes with methane leakage into the atmosphere. The easy and obvious answer consists of tidal lagoons, LENR and ES circuits. Meanwhile the entire land surface of Europe has become radioaoactive due to leaking nuclear power stations (Max Planck, chemistry, Mainz). I am a lifelong opponent of nuclear power and wind turbines. I was right on both counts.

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