Permission to publish Jon Awbrey’s Book

Many thanks for this permission, and best regards to the author Jon Awbrey! It reads as well as the famous book by John Aubrey, Myron.


Jon Awbrey is pleased for you to publish his book on your web site and to share it with others. He recalled have spoken with you many years ago while doing the research for the book.


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Many thanks indeed! This is most generous and full of interest. May I have permission to publish it on and send it to friends and colleagues? I would like to note that there is one generation between Bleddyn ap Maenarch and Gwgon, that is Blegwrd ap Bleddyn (attached). Interesting to note that Morgan Awbrey Hen was a Squire, the rank I hold now as the most recent recipinet of a coat of arms of the Awbrey family. So was Walter Havard of Pont Gwilym, my Havard ancestor.

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I had planned to send a PDF copy of Jon Awbrey’s book, but it is too large for the servers. Instead, attached is a Word copy. Unfortunately, the Word copy, which was scanned, has messed up margins. The title includes “Rev” as I have made some corrections to this copy. There are some errors in the book as might be expected for a work this large. Also, more information becomes available on the internet regularly.

When I first located Jon a couple of years ago he told me his book had been self-published and he no longer any copies including one for himself. A week later a copy arrived in the mail. He had printed it out from his PC. I scanned the pages into a PDF copy, but it is too large to share via the internet, at least for some servers. I scanned a copy into Word for ease of searching and modifying.

Jon told me early on that he no longer had interest in the book and that I could do with it whatever I like. I had thought about revising and re-publishing the book, but decided it would be too time consuming.

Some of the references/sources are either in error or incomplete. One example is the story about the Awbrey’s relationship back to Charlemagne found on the printed page 25. At the end of that part he cites Burke twice. I am sure you will immediately recognize that the book titles are incomplete. I don’t like to make comments about such a relationship unless I can read the source. I think the correct book is one that includes the word “Wales” in the title. However, no copy of the book is available in this area. I looked for it at the LDS Family Search Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, but they did not have a copy.

Jon is still interested in Awbrey family history and is appreciative of new information that I find. He does little research any longer as he has children and a business to run.

Again, the two of you have sent much material for me to read over. There will be more questions and comments from me.

Regarding John Morgan Aubrey. I did several searches for Livionia, Michigan using variations of the name with no results. Maybe it was as you suggested that he was only visiting when he died.


Stuart Awbrey

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