FT1 Fruitcake Report

This new daily report is on a fruitcake site to monitor how much traffic it gets. FT stands for “Fawlty Towers”, the little known script of the site is by John Cleese and and the late Spike Milligan, who died laughing at his own goons. Today its traffic is, as usual, zero, as monitored by www.semrush.com. It has been read, or more accurately, totally ignored, in only three countries: Britain, US and Italy. Its overall impact over nearly twenty years is essentially zero, as monitored by www.statshow.com. The huge amount of traffic generated by www.aias.us and www.upitec.org is commensurate with entire institutes and universities. This is just to show how the internet can sometimes make it on to the Goon Show and wriggle into Eccles’ boot, causing everyone to writhe with laughter. The Fruitcake report is going to be a bit monotonous, zero every day, but worth laughing at.

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