Wind 21.44%, 4 – 24 mph, Wales 13 – 24 mph, 0746 local time

The effective wind speed in the Betws area now is 7 mph, a mean wind speed of 16 mph minus 9 mph needed to start the turbines, so very little power is produced even when a windy front comes in from the Atlantic. So wind turbines are a corrupt waste of time and money, as is well known. It is a matter of a cross party agreement on demolishing them. Solar is 2.81%, hydro is 0.89%, both entirely negligible. Meanwhile nuclear radiation levels are rising rapidly all across Europe, and contaminating food. There was a massive explosion at the Flamanville nuclear power station in north west France. This is a fiasco, there have been many delays, and now a huge explosion. The French describe this as a “non-nuclear event”, and deny all knowledge of everything.

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