Comparative Table in terms of Page Views per Month

This table shows clearly that AIAS / UPITEC is making an impact that is comparable with ENTIRE universities and institutes, with a far smaller staff and far fewer resources. This is a phenomenal achievement and congratulations to all concerned! These figures are in page views per month from

AIAS / UPITEC (2016) 75,264 on average
Princeton Institute for Advanced Study 103,740 (all schools)
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies 18,720 (all schools)
Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa 185,220 (all departments)
UCW Aberystwyth 365,610 (the entire College, all departments)
National Library of Wales 48,390 (the entire Library, all departments)
UCNW Bangor 316,170 (the entire College, all departments)

The most meaninglful comparison is probably with PIAS and DIAS, Institutes for Advanced Study, or SNS Pisa. AIAS / UPITEC is the leading institute for advanced study in the world when staff size is taken into account. Some universities have thousands of members of staff.

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