“Awbrey Dominion and Decline” by Jon Anthony Aubrey (2007)

Many thanks for all this information, very interesting! In John Aubrey’s book “Brief Lives”, he mentions that it was Robert Hooke who discovered the inverse square law, and set a problem for the younger Isaac Newton. What force law produces an elliptical orbit? According to John Aubrey, and there is no reason to doubt it, Isaac Newton answered incorectly, a 1 / r law. Then Hooke gave him the solution and Isaac Newton went on from there to develop fluxions. This is why I name it the Hooke Newton inverse square law. John Aubrey was a friend of Robert Hooke at Oxford, and John Aubrey’s papers are in the Bodleian Library. He was a famous antiquarian as you know, and our ancestral cousin as attached.

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Even though Jon Awbrey has given me permission to do whatever with his book, I felt it best to check with him as a courtesy before you copy the book into your web site. Unfortunately, he does not respond to emails on the weekend.

Uh-oh! Unfortunately, we do not live on a ranch. However, our house is set on 3 and ½ acres which does not qualify even as a ranchette. The name of our small, fast growing city of about 7,000+ is Fair Oaks Ranch. It is about 20 minutes north of San Antonio. San Antonio is about 150 miles north of my hometown of Kingsville. Another 120 miles south from there is Mexico.

An oil man named Ralph Fair bought a ranch of over 5,000 acres where he raised prize cattle and race horses. After he died, the children began developing the property into what is now the city. The Postal Service recognizes the city name of Fair Oaks, so I should start using just that part of the name. While buying a SIM card several years ago we in Paris, I understood just enough French to realize one clerk was telling the other “they live on a ranch in Texas.”

Some of our families have ended up back in the old country. I have a cousin who lives in Harpenden who is the Reader Ministry Officer at St. Albans. I grew up with her dad. She and her husband joined us for the weekend in Brecon last September. Her husband was interested in seeing the Boots Pharmacy in Berthal Square. Years ago he had been in charge of converting the old church building into the Boots store.

That Saturday, Dr. John Gibbs, Chairman of the Brecknock Society, joined us. I had met him earlier in the week We all went to Crickhowell to a house his niece owns. It is purportedly the house owned by a lawyer John Aubrey, FRS used when he attempted to gain control of some of Dr. William Aubrey’s properties. Later, we drove around to various Awbrey sites including Tredomen Court.

Our other connection in Brecon are John and Helen Ball. I had “met” him prior to our 2014 visit to Brecon via his web site – http://www.jlb2011.co.uk/ They drove us to St. Ellyw’s Church at Llanelieu and to the church in Kilpeck in Hereford. The latter is a beautiful architectural building. Supposedly there are Awbreys buried there, but in a short visit nothing was found. On our last visit we had lunch with the Ball’s at Brecon Castle Hotel and then a visit at their home.

Betty has a cousin, she grew up with her mother, who lives in Reading. Her husband is the Dean of the Faculty of Science at Reading.

Both of our cousins were attending university in London when they met their future husbands. Both are interested in family history.

Hope all this personal information is not too boring. I find it interesting the see the interactions of our relatives between the countries.

I will contact you about publishing the book as soon as I hear from Jon.




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