Cartan Geometry is Unchanged

Cartan geometry is the same now as it was in 2003, so it has not been refuted by personal attacks such as those by Bruhn and Rodrigues. Therefore ECE and ECE2 have not been refuted either. Those attacks were personal attacks on myself, and not science at all. The Cartan geometry used now in ECE and ECE2 is the same exactly as that described in Carroll’s chapter three. It takes no knowledge of mathematics or science to see this. Sean Carroll e mailed the late professor John B. Hart (one of my Civil List Pension referees) to say that ECE is a plausible theory. We have achived one of our major aims, the Osamu Ide circuit for energy from spacetime in UFT311, UFT321 and replicated in UFT364. ECE is the only theory that can explain this circuit. A SEMrush analysis shows that is among the most popular science sites in the world.

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