“Awbrey Dominion and Decline” by Jon Anthony Aubrey (2007)

This book has kindly been send from his ranch in Texas by Stuart Aubrey. It is copyrighted 2007 and I have asked permission to publish it on www.aias.us. After the Tudors came to power in 1485, the Awbreys became one of the most important Gentry Familiies of Britain, producing thirteen High Sheriffs, twelve knights, seven baronets, six M. P’ s and many high officers of state, notably Dr. William Aubrey. This book uses genealogy back to Cwnstabl Coch (as attached) but no further. Their arms were initially three gold eagles and a gold chevron on a blue field, symbols of great wealth. Morgan Awbrey Hen, Lord of Brecon, was a Squire. As the latest Armiger of the Morgan Awbrey Family (letters patent July 2008, “Burke’s Peerage and Gentry” (2012)) I attain the same rank of Squire in the Norman system. In the ancient British system I hold the much higher rank of Uchelwr, being descended from many of the Princes. For many centuries, society was held together by the Gentry, both Welsh and English speaking.

afamilylinesancestryto1,100 BC.pdf

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