4,636 Hits a Day of combined sites for thirteen years

Since one hit is one reading for most of our documents (being single pdf files) then this is the massive impact of our work at all the best universities in the world. Assuming that one seminar is ten students, this is 464 seminars a day for thirteen years at all the world’s best universities, entirely without logical criticism. There have been wild rants from the uneducated, but that is not criticism. They are strange dogmatic noises from those who do not like progress. I have used hits in order to compare with hit counters (our comparative impact tables, which show that our work has an impact of about a hundred to a thousand times the average for a small group of our size). I have also produced a world record number of publications, all of which are read. I have no confidence at all in the ancient mariners of physics who still abide by the creaking old citation system. A citation does not mean a reading, and it is well known that half of all scientific papers produced by the old system are never read by anyone. That is a sad farce of a system. I have no interest in strange and utterly obscure people who attack geometry. I have no interest in the elitism and snobbery of a system that pretends false authority over the freedom of the mind and over the freedom to study. Having written that I have an index of 43 in the old system, even though I deliberately stopped using it year ago, and I carefully cite previous work when developing new work. The only thing of relevance is geometry, and Cartan geometry cannot be refuted without changing its basic axioms, so it would then cease to be Cartan geometry. Since this is the age of the troll, everyone avoids them like the plague, never read their senile drivel (the idols of the contemporary cave) unless one is forced to by matters other than science. Then I hold my nose and clean out the cess pit of society.

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