Criticisms by Stephen Crothers

Agreed with all these criticisms by Stephen Crothers, the black hole theory is based on Einsteinian general relativity, which has been refuted in eighty three ways in the UFT series to the satisfaction of millions of top class scientists over fifteen years, and independently and brilliantly, by the eminent scholar Stephen Crothers in many more ways. The ephemeral and invisible politburo of physics uses its captive media to distribute meaningless dogma and it should no longer be funded by taxpayers. The dogma is immediately rejected by millions of intellectuals of the post Einsteinian paradigm shift. In order to “have a career” and to pass exams, it is still compulsory to repeat the dogma, otherwise one is guillotined immediately. They can do anything they like with private funding, it will all be a complete waste of time. One cannot argue with geometry. At AIAS / UPITEC we distance teach with the Montefiore methods at all the best universities in the world without taking a penny from the taxpayer, and to great international acclaim. The scientometrics prove this with perfect objectivity. We are well funded, especially in the field of low energy nuclear reactors, (LENR) and of course we are easily capable of funding ourselves. To be precise I get £2,400 a year Civil List Pension, but that is a high honour and appointment. It is not meant to be a regular pension.

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A new discovery of gravitational waves has black holes in a spin, 2 June 2017, The Conversation, by Bailes, Thrane, and Lasky

The Authors of this article do not understand the theory they employ.

(1) “As was the case with the first two detections the waves were generated when two massive black holes merged to form a larger one.” Bailes, Thrane & Lasky

The theory of black holes is a mathematical theory, extracted from the mathematical Theory of General Relativity. A black hole is itself a universe, by mathematical construction: its spacetime is infinite and asymptotically flat. Without infinite spacetime and the asymptotically flat condition no black hole equations can be obtained for the purposes of the Authors and LIGO. There are forces in General Relativity but gravity is not one of them, because it is spacetime curvature. At the black hole singularity, volume is ‘zero’, density is ‘infinite’, and spacetime curvature is ‘infinite’ (hence gravity is infinite). But no physical object has zero volume, infinite density, and infinite gravity, anywhere. Now consider just two black holes. Each of their spacetimes is infinite and asymptotically flat by mathematical construction. But then each black hole encounters infinite spacetime curvature at the singularity of the other black hole, and so neither of their spacetimes is asymptotically

flat, in direct violation of the mathematical construction defining the black hole in the first place. Next consider any number of black holes – none of them are asymptotically anything because every one of them encounters infinite spacetime curvature at the singularity of every other. The notion of multiple black holes violates the very definition of the black hole. And a black hole, being a one mass universe, bears no relation to reality, notwithstanding its impossible character of zero volume, infinite density and infinite gravity at its singularity. Newton’s theory of gravity places no restriction on the number of masses that can be present. It is incorrect to assert multiple black holes by a false analogy with Newton’s theory. Moreover, there is no known energy-momentum tensor for two or more masses in Einstein’s field equations, let alone a solution to his field equations for two or more masses, and there is no existence theorem by which it can even be asserted that General Relativity is capable of dealing with more than one mass. For this reason, General Relativity cannot account for the simple experimental fact that two fixed suspended masses approach one another upon release (e.g. the experiments of H. Cavendish). Since gravity is not a force in General Relativity, it cannot account for the behaviour of a grocer’s spring balance for weighing a bag of spuds. Springs are stretched, or compressed, by a force, in accordance with Hooke’s Law: F = kx where F is the applied force, k is the spring’s force constant, and x is the stretch (or compression) of the spring due to the applied force F. Spacetime curvature cannot stretch a spring because it is not a force.

The black holes the Authors and LIGO assert are allegedly contained within a big bang universe. There are in all, 3 types of big bang universe according to Einstein’s theory, by means of their k-curvature values: (i) k = -1: this is a spatially infinite universe with negative curvature; (ii) k = 0: this is a spatially infinite universe that is flat; (iii) k = 1: this is a spatially finite universe with positive curvature. All big bang universes are expanding and have a finite age (~13.8 billion years). However, no black hole universe is expanding, no black hole universe possesses a k-curvature, no black hole universe contains more than one mass (only the black hole itself), no black hole universe can fit inside a spatially finite big bang universe because all black hole universes are spatially infinite, no black hole universe can exist in a big bang universe because the black hole universe is eternal (it has neither a beginning in time nor an end in time).

General Relativity is a nonlinear theory. This means that the Principle of Superposition does not hold. In other words, if X is some black hole universe and Y is another black hole universe, and Z is some big bang universe, then X+X is not a universe, X+Y is not a universe, X+Z is not a universe, X+Y+Z is not a universe, Z+Z is not a universe, etc. To obtain multiple black holes within some big bang universe, the Authors and LIGO simply superpose, in direct violation of the mathematical form of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity.

(2) “The gravitational waves are detected by fitting one of a large number of theoretical “templates” to the data. These templates model how the detectors will react to the passing waves from different mass black holes.” Bailes, Thrane & Lasky

The actual number of templates in the LIGO database is 250,000. All of these are constructed by incorrectly assuming multiple black holes, and then applying to them different parameters such as mass, speed, rotation, etc. None of these templates have any physical meaning because they are built upon false hypotheses. LIGO first detects a generic ‘signal’. Its massive computer power then goes to work to find a line of best fit to this alleged signal by comparison with its database of mathematically produced patterns. The line of best fit so obtained is then purported to identify a physical occurrence – in this case as with the past two, two black holes merging to form one black hole, with emission of gravitational waves. With such a large set of arbitrary templates and such computing power, it is possible to find a line of best fit for any pattern of disturbance, even for Whistler’s Mother. There is no upper limit on the number of template patterns that can be arbitrary manufactured and included in the template databases. No doubt the LIGO Team will augment their database with evermore patterns, as is their wont in general.

Einstein’s gravitational waves are alleged by cosmologists to propagate at the speed of light. However, this is demonstrably false. The speed of propagation first involves the derivation of a wave equation. This wave equation is not extracted from the equations for a black hole or for a big bang universe, or even from Einstein’s nonlinear field equations. It is extracted from what is called the linearised field equations. The wave equation so obtained produces propagation speed at that of light in vacuum. However, the speed of propagation is entirely coordinate dependent. Any propagation speed can be obtained by merely choosing a different set of mathematical coordinates. Einstein simply assumed that his waves exist and that they travel at the speed of light. He then linearised his field equations and used a set of coordinates to obtain a wave equation that produced his assumed speed of propagation, and pronounced that he had derived this speed. His argument is a vicious circle and therefore false. He assumed as a premise that which he sought to prove. This logical fallacy is called petitio principii, and is very common in cosmology.

(3) “With a combination of relativistic velocities, huge magnetic fields and densities beyond that of an atomic nucleus, neutron stars are expected to emit gravitational waves of sufficient amplitude to be detectable by Advanced LIGO.” Susan Scott

Neutron stars tell their stories continuously by emitting gravitational waves.” Lilli Sun

The most exciting thing about the future of gravitational waves is using detectors limited only by quantum mechanics to measure the composition of neutron stars” David Ottaway

First, gravitational waves and black holes do not exist. Second, there is no such thing as a neutron star. The Sun and stars are said to be balls of hot gaseous plasma. However, the thermal emission profiles of the Sun and stars attest unambiguously that they are in fact condensed matter. The different star types are due to difference in lattice structure. Here is a recent series of lectures by Professor Pierre-Marie Robitaille on the constitution of the Sun and stars:

* History of the Gaseous Sun
* Is the sun a Gas? The Standard Model Explained!
* What is Occam’s Razor? (Law of Parsimony)
* Does the Sun have a Surface? Transverse Waves, Helioseismology, CMEs, X-Rays and Flares!
* The 0th Law of Thermodynamics
* Stewart’s Law (of thermal emisson)

* The Life cycle of the Stars,

* The Structure of Liquid Water (and its implications for cosmology),

(4) “One of the most exciting possibilities of gravitational wave astronomy is the detection of gravitational waves from the very early universe almost immediately after the Big Bang!” Letizia Sammut

Big bang cosmology requires the validity of Kirchhoff’s Law of Thermal emission and universality of Planck’s equation for thermal spectra. However, Kirchhoff’s Law of Thermal Emission is false, and, consequently, Planck’s equation for thermal spectra is not universal; explained in this paper:

Robitaille, P.-M., Crothers, S. J., “The Theory of Heat Radiation” Revisited: A Commentary on the Validity of Kirchhoff’s Law of Thermal Emission and Max Planck’s Claim of Universality, Progress in Physics, v. 11, p.120-132, (2015),

Big bang cosmology is false because Kirchhoff’s Law of Thermal Emission is false.

(5) Readers interested in the scientific facts concerning black holes and expanding universes, but without the mathematics, can begin with the following:

* Crothers, S. J., Black Hole and Big Bang: A Simplified Refutation,

* Crothers, S. J., A Nobel Laureate Talking Nonsense: Brian Schmidt, a Case Study,
16 July, 2015,

* Crothers, S.J., LIGO at the University of Queensland,

* Crothers, S.J., Australian Education System Broken,

* Crothers, S. J. ‘The Temperature of the Universe before the Jury’,

* Crothers, S.J., Cosmology in the Dreamtime at the University of Sydney,

Readers of a mathematical bent can begin here:

* Crothers, S.J., A Critical Analysis of LIGO’s Recent Detection of Gravitational Waves Caused by Merging Black Holes, Hadronic Journal, n.3, Vol. 39, 2016, pp.271-302,

* Crothers, S.J., On Corda’s ‘Clarification’ of Schwarzschild’s Solution, Hadronic Journal, Vol. 39, 2016,

* Crothers, S.J., Relativistic Cosmology and Einstein’s ‘Gravitational Waves’,

* Crothers, S. J., General Relativity: In Acknowledgement Of Professor Gerardus ‘t Hooft, Nobel Laureate, 4 August, 2014,

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