379(4): Simple Example of a Resonance Condition

In this simple first theory, if a mass m is held one metre above the surface of the earth there should be counter gravitation if an electromagnetic irradiation is used at 4.709 ten power eight radians per second. This is not observed experimentally, or seems not to have been observed, so this theory is too simple minded. It also assumes the existence of gravitational waves, which has not been proven yet. LIGOS is riddled with adjustables and errors as Steve Crothers has just shown, and EGR is riddled with errors. Within the very large ECE School of Thought this fact is accepted routinely by now. A more complete theory is given in this note with the gravitational vector potential Q. In this case resonance occurs as given in Eq. (34), when del dot partial Q / partial t goes to infinity. I will now proceed to work on counter gravitation induced by ECE antisymmetry. This type of work was started in UFT318 and UFT319. In the UFT series, many papers have been dedicated to counter gravitation. A literature search should be made by the interested reader. At some point I will also work on the conditions for a weightless gyro, held horizontally with its point fixed.


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