Wind 8.67%, 1 – 12 mph, Wales 7 – 10 mph 0630 local time

The wind speed in the Betws area is now 7 mph, so the giant turbines are producing no power because it takes 9 mph to start them. Sometimes they are kept rotating by using power from the grid. The contribution of wind turbines to total demand (electricity plus fuel) is zero, so they are the worthless result of frenzied greed for subsidies, and nothing else. Solar is 1.7% and hydro 0.05%. How is it possible for a government to be such a total failure? I think that the answer is that there is no government, merely self seeking and ephemeral individuals with no thought for society. Google “wind turbine fiasco” to see a whole pile of wind disasters. So all wind turbines should be demolished at the expense of those who took the money and ran, leaving a trail of environmental carnage. The Trade Union Movement should strike against them permanently and lobby for tidal turbines. ES and LENR power stations should be constructed as soon as possible. One example of the wind fiasco is Germany, which has spent nearly three hundred thousand million euros on wind and solar, with the result that it has driven its industry to the United States, and will soon have to import hydroelectrically generated power from China over high power lines. This shows that hydroelectric power could be exported all over the British Isles from tidal lagoons all along the Bristol Channel on both sides of the coast. Germany suddenly closed down its entire nuclear production of electricity after Fukushima and began to rely on coal. The successful renewable is obviously hydro, combined with ES and LENR. At present Wales and Scotland are governed illegally by a colonial regime, a Union of Celtic Nations would rejoin the European Union very quickly. So why is hydro only 0.05% of electricity demand in Britain? The answer is that self seekers have effectively committed treason.

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