Simple Antigravity experiment

This would be a good candidate for application of UFT367 to UFT370, using a modification of the simultaneous differential equations given there. That would be a classical theory, and quantum classical equivalence means that there is a classical limit to any quantum hypothesis.


In case you have not noticed by now,

the SECOND, simpler, Nobel Prize winning
quantum gravity experiment :

is basically a much simpler and technically easier version

of the Sandy Kidd’s device experiment ( see below ).

Thank you for your attention, Gentlemen.

Dr. Bill Ferrier of Dundee University had this to say
about Sandy Kidd’s device:

“ There is no doubt that the device does produce vertical lift.
Several modifications were then made at my suggestions
in order to disprove other possibilities of lift,
particularly aerodynamic effects.”

I am interested in theoretical opinions of all scientists in our group

in respect to the purported lift effect produced by the Sandy Kidd’s device.

In your opinion, is this lift a genuine anomaly?
If so, how exactly your UFT (ECE2) could explain it?

And I am NOT asking for any mathematical equations, please!! :))

All I need from you is a short and clear explanation from the standpoint
of general principles of physical phenomena involved :

According to our Quantum Antigravity Hypothesis,
the lift produced by the Sandy Kidd’s device (powered rotors)

is a genuine antigravity effect, exactly as understood
and predicted by our Hypothesis.

I would even dare to say that it does constitute
an empirical proof of the validity
of our Quantum Antigravity Hypothesis.

Looking forward to hear from all of you, Gentlemen.


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