Sandy Kidd Device

The theory of this device can also be worked out with the methods of UFT367 to UFT370. We would be looking for a positive Z axis force.

Sent: 03/06/2017 21:00:09 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: The Sandy Kidd’s device — LiFT ??

Dr. Bill Ferrier of Dundee University had this to say
about Sandy Kidd’s device:

“ There is no doubt that the device does produce vertical lift.
Several modifications were then made at my suggestions
in order to disprove other possibilities of lift,
particularly aerodynamic effects.”

I am interested in theoretical opinions of all scientists in our group

in respect to the purported lift effect produced by the Sandy Kidd’s device.

In your opinion, is this lift a genuine anomaly?
If so, how exactly your UFT (ECE2) could explain it?

And I am NOT asking for any mathematical equations, please.
All I need from you is a short and clear explanation from the standpoint
of general principles of physical phenomena involved:

According to our Quantum Antigravity Hypothesis,
the lift produced by the Sandy Kidd’s device (powered rotors)

is a genuine antigravity effect, exactly as understood
and predicted by our Hypothesis.

I would even dare to say that it does constitute
an empirical proof of the validity
of our Quantum Antigravity Hypothesis.

Looking forward to hear from all of you, Gentlemen.


P. s.

” After Sandy Kidd moved to Australia a second prototype was tested
in Melbourne for three days under the supervision of specialist engineers.
Placed in a sealed wooden box, it was suspended from a cord attached
to an overhead beam fitted with sensitive measuring instruments.
Powered by a model aircraft engine, the entire device lost weight
as the vertical thrust overcame the force of gravity. “People in the lab
were clearly shaken,” said Kidd. The Sandy Kidd Device produces lift
without reacting on air, water or a solid surface and therefore appears
to be defying Newton’s Third Law of Motion that states that every action
must have an equal and opposite reaction.”

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