Wind 1.91%, 1 – 12 mph, Wales 6 – 11 mph, 0627 local time

The wind speed in the Betws area now is 6 mph, so the giant turbines are producing no power at all because it needs 9 mph to start them. They can already be described as derelict, because they produce no power for the great majority of the year. This must have been known by the corrupt cabal which desecrated Betws (from the Latin beatus). With energy policy like this who needs the ancient mariner, permanently becalmed? This insane fiasco is opening a coal mine made up entirely of granite. Hydro is laughable at 0.05% (an all time low since I started recording about a year ago) and solar is also a grim joke at 1.12%. Nuclear is flat out, gradually turning the land surface into a radioactive desert, and waiting for the next melt down. Gas is being fired up again to maximum. Therefore there is no government, only dogma and corrupt cabals driven by pieces of silver.

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