Wind 1.00%, 0 – 8 mph, Wales 2 – 6 mph, 0820 local time

The wind speed in the Betws area now is 3 mph, and the entire area is covered with cold becalmed fog, so the wind turbines and solar panels in Betws are useless, even in summer. Mynydd y Gwair is being ripped apart before the eyes of an angry and deeply embittered electorate, up to 90% of which opposed the turbines and were treated like a doormat. Swansea pseudocouncils turned coat amid allegations of bribery. None of the so called councillors have a majority of those entitled to vote, and very few bother to vote. None of the Swansea pseudocouncillors can pronounce “Mynydd y Gwair”. This rotten and creaking electoral system needs to be completely replaced by electronic referenda. A referendum on turbines in Mawr and Gower would have them flattened immediately by a huge majority. The turbines on Betws and Mynydd y Gwair (if they manage to throw them up and run back to profit land) will disintegrate into junk in less than twenty years. Hydro is a joke at 0.54%, solar is useless at 4.80% for Britain as a whole. Nuclear is flat out and slowly poisoning the entire land surface of Europe with radiation, and gas is approaching maximum, spewing methane into the atmosphere at the manufacturing stage, and ripping Wales apart with giant pipelines. These have left huge scars on the shoulder of Mynydd y Gwair. See my autobiography volume one for what it used to look like, a sea of unspoiled, golden grass, with unspoiled Gelliwastad in the foreground. Less than four miles away is a thirty foot tide, ideal for tidal turbines which could easily match the Three Gorges Dam in China and turn out all the electric power needed for the three countries of Britain (30 – 40 gigawatts). ES and LENR technologies are ready for mass production and are well understood theoretically with ECE theory.

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