New Poll Indicates Hung Parliament

This is as I predicted a couple of weeks ago, in which case Labour, SNP, Plaid Cymru and Sinn Fein can form a Westminster coalition, together, if necessary, with the Liberal Democrats, although Sinn Fein in Ulster will not take its seats in Westminster, following the 1917 precedent for all Ireland. The opposition would then be the tories and Ulster Unionists. This would be reminiscent of Gladstone / Asquith / Parnell against the tories. The coalition would give Scotland its immediate freedom, and give Wales much greater autonomy in preparation for its complete freedom. So anyone with any sense would make sure that the tories are kept out of marginals by choosing coalition candidates in advance of the election. Otherwise they will uselessly split the vote and we will get the S. O. colonial S. as they say in New York, my adopted State. The tories have only one out of fifty nine seats in Scotland, and rule by dictatorship. In Wales the tories have never had a Parliamentary majority in modern times. So they have no right at all to govern Scotland and Wales. They replace government with a crude electoral dictatorship. I was a Plaid Cymru science advisor while I was at Cornell, invited by Cynog Dafis, M. P., and I advise a sane energy policy by Labour and Plaid Cymru using tidal turbines, energy from spacetime (mass production of the patented and replicated Osamu Ide circuit of UFT311 and UFT364) and mass production of low energy nuclear reactors (UFT226 ff). All wind turbines should be demolished and legislation passed to get back the subsidies and to prosecute for gross environmental damage by wind turbines. The returned subsidies would be used for tidal turbines in the Bristol Channel. They would easily produce all the electrical power needed for all Britain (about thirty to forty gigawatts). Then the dangerous nuclear power stations would be closed down, and gradually, reliance on imported gas removed. Coal and oil would be conserved. The Coalition should scrap the huge student fees imposed on the poor members of the working classes, and establish a small and new Welsh medium University of Wales and liberally fund the National Eisteddfod. The new Prifysgol Cymru and Eisteddfod Genedlaethol should be governed as one entity, and would aim at the highest standards, with selective entrance standards. I see tidal power as a transition to energy from spacetime (ES) and LENR. Both ES and LENR are already working technologies. I would like to think that Sinn Fein in a coalition would declare a ceasefire, and end all violence in return for negotiations for a United Ireland. Plaid Cymru is a peaceful party. A 1950 predecessor on the Civil List, the great Scots and English language poet Hugh MacDiarmaid, was a co founder of SNP. Above all, libraries and cultural heritage in Wales would be safeguarded from tory nihilism, the materialistic wilderness that they have imposed on Scotland Wales in violation of all human rights. My common sense Broydd Iaith policy should be implemented to reestablish strong, Welsh speaking areas, giving affordable housing to Welsh speakers. Otherwise the language is in imminent danger of extinction as a spoken language.

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