Wind 15.28%, 1 – 17 mph, Wales 1 – 6 mph (0729 local time)

The wind speed in the Betws area is now is a spectacular 1 mph, so the useless turbines are producing nothing as usual, because it takes 9 mph to start them. They are producing nothing at all now throughout Wales because the wind speed is 1 – 6 mph. This shows that the entire industry is an ugly swindle. It was thrown up by corrupt greed for subsidies, and for no other reason. So there was no effective govrenment at all when this disaster happened. Mynydd y Gwair is being destroyed for the same reason. The wind speed there is lower than the Betws wind speed. Solar is 3.93%, despite it being almost mid summer, and hydro is a disgrace, 0.18%. Nuclear is flat out and gas is approaching full capacity.

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