Wind 0.69%, 0 – 24 mph, Wales 1 – 7 mph, 0727 local time

As Mynydd y Gwair is ripped apart by giant machinery, the wind contribution has fallen to the lowest point I have recorded in nearly a year, a laughable 0.69% of electricity demand, essentially zero % of total demand (electricity plus fuel). The wind speed in the Betws area now is 4 mph, not enough to produce any power. It needs at least 9 mph to start the useless turbines. The Mynydd y Gwair turbines, if forced up against intense anger, will be just as useless. The total demand is much higher than electricity demand, so wind turbines produce effectively no contribution to total demand. Wind industry claims are cynical deception. No wind turbine in Wales is producing any power now. There is a warm front, with virtually no wind, only an isolated pocket of 24 mph over the Shetlands, near Norway. Solar is 3.24% and hydro is 0.41%, both negligible. So sunshine does not produce much solar power, which drops to zero even with the smallest amount of cloud cover and rain. So renewables of this type are completely useless. Nuclear and gas are flat out, and coal is having to be fired up to meet demand. So the energy policy of various government has been a complete failure for many years. Ripping apart the landscape has failed to make any contribution to total demand. I gave this advice to the then government twenty five years ago, and also to Plaid Cymru from Cornell University. Anyone can see that the policy is a terrible fiasco by looking at and the Met Office wind map, both freely available to everyone.

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