Counter Gravitational Experiments

Welcome back to Dr Horst Eckardt. Agreed with these remarks, in general AIAS / UPITEC exercises caution when dealing with experimental data, because we do not want to apply theory to artifact. In Laithwaite’s case his experiment has been replicated two or three times. The work by Horst and myself is probably the most advanced explanation available of Laithwaite’s work, checked with computer algebra at every stage. There is a great deal of international interest in this work. It is essentially already taught at universities using our distance teaching methods at all the best universities around the world. Laithwaite had terrible trouble with the dogmatic establishment of his day, but in the end NASA gave him a contract and his work was replicated. We have proven dogmatists wrong literally hundreds of times. The ECE2 gravitational field equations and electrodynamical field equations have teh same structure, so there is great scope for research on how one type of field affects the other.

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I am back from my trip now.
Concerning the gyroscopic activities, let me first explain to Agatha and Siggi that we started this sequence of articles because we wanted to know if the gyro lifting experiment of Laithwaite was normal physics or something else. We first derived the laws of gyro rotation propertly and learned a lot about these. It came out that – when lifting a gyro – it is possible that certain upward forces appear, in so far the Laithwaite experiment could be explained classically, although one would have to reproduce it to see if it is really that easy to hold a 20 kg gyro above one’s head.
The more interesting experiment is that of Shipov, see attached file, Fig. 24 therein. With two rotating, driven gyros it should be possible to produce an antigravity force, more precisely: this assembly is able to produce a linear momentum of its own which does not obey Newton’s law of force equals anti-force. Our theoretical research showed that this is not possible within classical mechanics. Hoewever we finished our activities here because there should be an independent replication of Shipov’s experiment first before we develop theories possibly for nonsense. We are planning to do an experiment in our Munich group as soon as other projects have been finished. If someone else (for example the quantum gravity group) would do this, it would also be good, or we can perhaps do this in cooperation. Such an experiment would show that space ship propulsion would be possible and we discussed datails already on the blog.
Shipov developed an empirical formula for this effect so that we had some starting point for engineering. His “theory” seems to be wildly oversized. It is certainly not a quantim effect and we would first try to apply the complete set of mechanical field equations. However non-conservation of momentum is a problem. Meanwhile we have developed methods of including spacetime or aether interaction (for example by fluid dynamics effects). I am confident that we would find a plausible explenation, but first we should have a well defined experimental ground to work on.


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I think that it is a matter of collecting ideas from the UFT papers, as in the new book, and developing them in a central laboratory.

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Siggi obviously understands the scientific approach and the need for independent replication etc. It would be good if spacetime energy, LENR and counter gravitational devices could be developed together.

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Subject: Plans for Cooperative Work

To Baron Siegfried Wolfram Gayling von Altheim
Dear Siggi,

These plans look very promising. This cc group is the group of scientists with whom I usually correspond, it has been a stable group for well over a decade. The way we usually proceed is that if anything is to be kept confidential between two or three recipients, it is marked “confidential”, but otherwise it is copied to this working group of scientists. They are mainly AIAS / UPITEC Fellows and some are full professors. Being a Civil List Pensioner appointed directly by the Head of State, Queen Elizabeth, I have encountered a lot of personal hostility for more than twenty years because of my advocacy of new ideas on energy from spacetime and counter gravitation, but it has had no effect on progress. This personal hostility is wholly ineffective and is countered by a huge amount of interest in and www.upitec org, twenty two million hits since 2002. I would say that ECE theory is now the leading theory of physics. The Muenich group is an excellent one, and is also self critical. It replicated the Osamu Ide circuit in UFT364. I am thinking at present of adopting the UFT319 paper for your idea about the Faraday cage. Dr. Horst Eckardt and I usually co author papers, I develop the initial ideas, do the preliminary calculations and he adds his own ideas, uses Maxima software for computer algebra, and checks all my notes. The end result is huge international interest, indicating complete international confidence in our work. Actual intellectual criticism of ECE was always negligible and has now stopped completely. I can see this from accurate computer feedback, what I call “scientometrics”. I have taken legal advice about trolls, they are criminals in legal opinon, so our policy is to ignore them. The professional attitude towards counter gravitation and energy from spacetime has changed completely since I was appointed a Pensioner in 2005 on the advice of the Prime Minister. At that time these subjects were anathema, now there are many patents. We produced the first coherent theory of the effects. I will certainly read your website references with interest. Horst Eckardt is very capable and diligent, and we have produced several hundred papers and books in co authorship, sometime also with Douglas Lindstrom and others. On the purely scientific level, things have progressed at a tremendous pace, and progress could not be better.


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