Wind 7.64%, 2 – 19 mph, Wales 2 – 17 mph, 0810 local time

The wind speed in the Betws area is now 5 mph, so the giant turbines are producing no power at all, and are completely useless nearly all year round. It takes 9 mph to start them. The Mynydd y Gwair turbines will be just as useless as all the other wind turbines, and are causing deep resentment as the rare ecology and way of life, language and people, are torn apart in order to give the Duke of Beaufort more money. No one has ever seen Beaufort. So this is a primitive, mediaeval society with a veneer of utterly ineffective pseudodemocracy. All the land around here was stolen after the restoration. In the 1649 Republic it was fairly distributed in about 1650. So all large estates should be nationalized according to Bevanite socialist principles, not very much different from the 1647 Agreement of the People, put forward at the Putney debates of the New Model Army by my antecedents the Levellers, anabaptists and similar imprisoned by my two ancestral Cousins Charles 1st and Oliver Cromwell. The reforms were rejected by the grandees, Cromwell and Ireton. Hydro is negligible at 0.53%. After a lot of sun, solar is a negligible 5.53%. Nuclear is flat out, and is poisoning the land with radioactivity. The only answer is tidal hydro, ES and LENR, the first two for electric power, the third for heat, and to stop irradiating the population. I look forward to the extinction of grasping absentee landowners. The above figures are percentages of electricity production. Electricity is a small fraction of total demand: electricity and fuel. So renewables contribute nothing to total demand. Nuclear is always run flat out, so it is certain that there will be another accident. Human nature is very perverse, it fails to recognize the obvious until it is on the very edge.

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