Wind 6.61%, 1 – 21 mph, Wales 4 – 21 mph, 0751 local time

The wind speed in the Betws area now is 4 mph, nowhere near enough to start the useless turbines. They need at least 9 mph wind speed to start, and operate best at 20 – 45 mph. Steady wind speeds like that never occur in Wales or Britain. So why were these things ever put up? It is obvious from my daily monitoring for nearly a year that they should be demolished to stabilize the grid and all the money paid back to the taxpayers. Each taxpayer would receive a large cheque. The percentage contribution of wind turbines to the grid now is a negligible 6.61%, contribution to total demand (electricity plus fuel) is essentially zero. So a huge amount of money has been transferred from poor taxpayers to very rich and corrupt cabals in order to completely destroy the environment. Solar is a laughable 0.01% and hydro 0.86%. The combined contribution of renewables to total demand is essentially zero percent after thirty years of trying. This is common knowledge. The entire surface area of Europe is becoming radioactive, but ancient nuclear power stations are being run right at maximum now to try to meet demand. One of these leaking and creaking relics might overcook and blow at any time. The obvious answer is tidal hydro, ES and LENR. The cost of decommissioning Trawsfynydd by keeping the reactor cool is estimated to be 50 million pounds a year for a century, during which time humankind is scheduled to become extinct, according to some scientists. It should be capped immediately. So Wales will become a desolate, radioactive dustbin alley on the edge of the Atlantic. This is what will happen if governments don’t wake up very soon.

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