PS : Consultations from Neuchatel, Lausanne, Geneva and CERN

Siegfried Wolfram Gayling von Altheim,

Dear Siggi,

So there have been numerous Swiss consultations from ETH, EPF, University of Zuerich, University of Bern, University of Basel, University of Geneva, University of Lausanne, University of Neuchatel and CERN over about fifteen years, together with a huge amount of interest from Swiss companies and individuals from essentially all twenty six half cantons of the Helvetian Confederation. If anti gravity and ES were commercialized they would be forced to recognize it with all the major prizes, and any company and investment banker would want to get in on the ground floor. It would be like Trevithick’s steam engine or the invention of electric power. The Osamu Ide circuit is described in UFT311, UFT321 and UFT364, and there are many UFT papers on counter gravitation. BBC Radio Three may still have the tape of my talk on counter gravitation in its archives. We keep anything that may be commercially sensitive confidential, otherwise we offer knowledge that is openly accessible. This method has been hugely successful. If you wish to keep any data confidential please mark it as commercial in confidence.


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May 20, 2017

Dear Myrone,

Thank you for sharing the above with the rest of us.

It would make me much more happy if we receive

no Prizes, no Awards, no Fame, no Gain,

but somehow skillfully and effectively offer it to,

and let the entire humanity put anti-gravity technology

to work for our common better future,

and for World Peace.

Like you, I am optimistic about the future of humankind long term,

but short term, I am afraid there might be some Dark Forces

behind the scenes that would rather start the third World War

than let humanity have Free Energy, anti-gravity technology,

and everything that would come with it.

The US, and the UK, are probably the most hostile towards anti-gravity.

Do you think that GÖDE-Stiftung

would somehow “survive” if they announce that anti-gravity is discovered,

and that anti-gravity propulsion technology is relatively easy? Because somehow

I feel that we might not receive the Nobel Prize for discovery of anti-gravity,

even if we land our Flying Saucer in front of the Buckingham Palace.

What do you think about Switzerland? Would it be safe enough,

and could it offer enough protection?

I have not had such life experiences like you had had,

and this is the reason I am telling you all of the above

trusting that you would know what we shall do.

Dear Myrone, we have just started doing time measurements

in the First Experiment with the electric and magnetic shielding.

I am not sure how long it will take, because I am nowhere near the Lab,

but if you like, as soon as we get any results, I will share them with you.

In the meantime, you may wish to take a look at this :

and if you like it, perhaps you would think it a good idea

to recommend it to your close friends and associates.

Few years ago, I spent few months in Cardiff.

I used to love the long walks along the beach

from the Cardiff Harbour all the way down

to this lovely little Whitmore Bay in Barry. And in between,

on the Sully Island, one weekend in early May,

I had quite an adventure!! :))

Dear Myrone, please let me know the proper

meaning of : Poer Y LLwch Or Pair LLachar

I have tried to run it through the Google Translate ….

Well, you can see it for yourself. :))

In Trust,


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