Wind 2.06% , 1 – 15 mph, Wales 4 – 11 mph, 0735 local time

The wind speed in the Betws area is now 7 mph, and so the useless wind turbines are producing no power because they need 9 mph to start. The Mynydd y Gwair turbines will also be completely useless if the forced construction succeeds against a 90% majority opposing them. Is this democracy? The contribution of wind turbines to total demand (electricity plus fuel) is negligible (it can be rounded off to zero %) so the turbines should be demolished before they quickly deteriorate to junk. Bankrupt wind turbine companies will not maintain them, even the turncoat Swansea Council is bankrupt. Solar is negligible at 3.1% and hydro is a fiasco, 0.55%. “Monte Python’s Flying Circus” holds the copyright on this script and John Cleese refused a knighthood.

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