UFT88 Read at the Universities of Valladolid and Amsterdam

Valladolid is ranked 588 in the world by webometrics and 856 by Shanghai. It is one of the oldest universities in the world, founded in 1241 from the University of Palencia, founded in 1208 – 1212. It has 31,788 students and 970,000 books, some of which are rare and priceless. Amsterdam is ranked 57 in the world by QC, 63 by Times, 79 by webometrics and 101 – 150 by Shanghai. It was founded in 1632 and has produced six Nobel Laureates, including van’t Hoff, van der Waals, Zeeman and Zernike in physics. UFT88 is the famous paper that refuted the geometrical basis of Einsteinian general relativity by incorporating torsion in the 1902 second Bianchi identity. It is currently being read without any objection about 3,400 times a year and in the decade since it was published has been read about fifty thousand times from public domain URL’s, probably at least as much again from private URL’s, at about four or five hundred of the world’s best universities. It should be read with “Eighty Three Refutations of EGR”, UFT99, 109, 255, 313, 254 and 375. It is one of the main papers of the ECE School of Thought, probably in the majority now because the standard physics has been refuted so many times.

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