Wind 5.79%, 0 – 17 mph, Wales 0 – 10 mph, 0801 local time

The average wind speed in the Betws area is now 6 mph, not enough to start the useless wind turbines (at least 9 mph is needed to start them). Mynydd y Gawir is being torn to shreds by the colonial regime in full view of an angry population, but the wind turbines placed there, if they survive the protests, will again produce only about 2% at most of yearly electricity demand in Wales, itself a small percentage of total demand (electricity and fuel). So wind turbines in Wales contribute essentially nothing to total demand, should all be demolished at developer expense, and what remains of the environment repaired at the expense of those who ruined it for their own profit. They should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for gross environmental damage. Solar is negligible at 2.23% of electricity demand and hydro is a disgraceful 0.33% of electricity demand. Combined renewable contribution to total demand is essentially zero. Government of various kinds, and the heavy and useless parasitic load of bureaucracy and well paid pseudorepresentatives, is grossly incompetent. They are self seekers par excellence. meanwhile the entire surface area of Wales is becoming radioactive from nuclear power station leakage.

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