FOR POSTING: Section 3 of Paper 377

This is one of the most important sections of the entire UFT series, showing that any kind of precession can be described by ECE2 relativity, forward and retrograde. The retrograde precession observed in S2, can be explained by spin connection or aether engineering. There are no infinities in this kind of general relativity, no big bang and no black holes. ECE2 is by now the preferred theory of general relativity for most intellectuals, a large percentage of whom work outside the ultra dogmatic and obsolete ivory towers, and a large number work in the progressive universities. This is also a major advance in mathematics, for the first time it has been inferred that the same ECE2 lagrangian can give forward or retrograde precessons. Congratulations to Co author Dr. Horst Eckardt, and enjoy the trip!

Sent: 18/05/2017 21:43:00 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Section 3 of Paper 377

I finished the paper just before starting my trip.
I computed 2 variants of the spin connection and checked that the orbit
can be reconstructed from the exact version of the spin connection. As a
highlight, I showed that it is possible to introduce retrograde
precession by aether engineering.



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