FOR POSTING: No Further Donations to the Cut Up University of Wales

In view of the fact that the Colleges are low in the world rankings, the various scandals that erupted about 2010, and in view of the anglicization of the system, and its refusal to recognize Welsh scholars of the highest acknowledged repute, I will not donate anything further to the former University of Wales. I will be prepared to donate to a true and new University of Wales, reestablishing the aims of the 1893 Eisteddfod, provided that all its staff and students are fluent in Welsh and everything takes place in the Welsh language just as in the National Eisteddfod. I will continue to donate books to the National Library of Wales as they appear, and I thank it for its digital archiving and the National Eisteddfod, in any format it wants. I am prepared to donate papers to West Glamorgan Archives, but the future of the Civic Centre appears to be uncertain, so I hope the archives are safe. The DVLA will close with the loss of 870 jobs, part of the tory assault on Wales, an unelected colonizing regime. No taxation or government without representation, the tory regime is as dictatorial as George III, it has never had a Parliamentary majority in Wales. I am the most senior Scientiae Doctor of the true University of Wales, (founded at the 1893 Eisteddfod to be in and for Wales), a distinction higher than full professor, and the first Welsh speaker to be appointed by the Head of State to the Civil List. If the present University of Wales cannot recognize this achievement, it is worthless. I think that its huge fees are an elaborate scam. The socialist sixties system should be reestablished. The education is poorer, the fees much higher. The h factors of staff are low. Above all I have received no apology for the human rights violations described in Autobiography Volume Two. The cut up university is a parasitic burden on the working classes. My relations withe other universities around the world are fine, and they study my work all the time.

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