Wind 1.39%, 1 – 11 mph, Wales 2 – 5 mph, 0724 local time

Wind has collapsed completely to 1.39%, showing clearly that it is useless due to extreme variability. This is 1.39% of electrical grid demand, ( the total demand is much higher (electricity plus fuel). So the total contribution of renewables total demand is essentially zero after thirty years of development. The average wind speed in the Betws area now is 2 mph, not enough to start the giant turbines (9 mph needed to start them). Mynydd y Gwair is being brutally destroyed in order to give money to a few rich people who have never even seen Mynydd y Gwair. This builds up deep resentment among the people. This totally irrational society reminds me of the terminally decadent Roman Empire in the late fourth century, ripe for collapse, or of a satire by Jonathan Swift. Solar is negligible at 2.70% of electricity demand, and hydro is a pathetic 0.33%. Power is still generated by ancient nuclear power stations, leaking radiation, ripe for another major accident, slowly making the entire land surface of Europe radioactive. Gas fired poewr stations almost always generated the most power, but gas leaks methane during drilling, and that traps eighty times more heat than carbon dioxide. The latter is needed by plants, but methane is fire damp, known to all coal miners. The answer is obvious: tidal turbines, LENR and ES.

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