More Original Archives

I have hundreds of pages of original archives of the eighties and nineties and I will gradually scan them and send them for posting now that the digital archive system is fully operational. This will ensure their safety. They were brought over here in the chaos of various transatlantic moves forced on my first wife and myself by the notorious UNCC incidents. My entire output of poetry was almost lost, but was painstakingly put together again, and is now read worldwide in Welsh and English. The archives of Room 262 of the seventies and eighties were given to Trinity College Dublin for safe storage, but it seems that they were largely lost without trace. The historical interferometer also seems to have been lost. If it can be retrieved it should be put in a science museum. I have already posted a lot of the archives which I have here, right back to about 1962 (a notebook of Pontardawe Grammar School). A very large amount of priceless material is lost every year by being “thrown out”. I have witnessed the entire library of a distinguished poet being “thrown out” into a skip.

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