FOR POSTING: Wayback Machine Archive Operable

The Wayback Machine archive of,, and is operable, and many thanks to Mark Graham of the Wayback Machine staff in San Francisco. Readers should type in the name of a website on the home page of the Wayback Machine (for example type in, then choose a date and look up the website on that date. In addition, Dave Burleigh, the webmaster of, has prepared a direct link to the Wayback Machine archive. This is the first item on the homepage of Just click on the direct link. The archives will become available over summer on , using Wayback Machine software, at the reading rooms of the British and Irish legal deposit libraries as sites of importance to science and culture. The Wayback Machine has petabytes of data and aims to archive the entire internet in an international initiative led by Library of Congress in Washington, D. C.. The British and Irish Legal Deposit Library archive is being prepared by Aled Betts at the National Library of Wales. The Legal deposit libraries are: the British Library in London; the Bodleian Library Oxford; the University of Cambridge Library; the National Library of Scotland, the National Library of Wales, and in Ireland the library of Trinity College Dublin. The Wayback Machine and original websites are of course available to anyone who has a computer, or at any library. Digital archiving is the most important thing of all for me, because contains a unique collection of all my work from 1971 to date. The National Library of Wales has a unique collection of all my books, the only library in the world to have all my books. It also has my Ph. D. Thesis (1974) and D. Sc.Thesis (1976 / 1977). Small libraries in Wales under threat of closure are strongly advised to transfer all their books on to websites using volunteers.

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