Wind 15.93%, 4 – 26 mph, Wales 4 – 26 mph, 0735 local time

The average wind speed in the Betws area is now 4 mph, but 9 mph is needed to start the useless turbines with which the mountain has been destroyed by a corrupt, foreign cabal. So the turbines are producing nothing, and this is an area of relatively low wind. The high wind speed today of 26 mph is off the coast of North Wales. There are no wind turbines in the Eryri National Park. So “blow, wind blow”, and nothing will happen. The relatively low wind speeds in this area shows very clearly that the cabal knew that they would produce no power, the entire evil exercise being a quest for easy money for the few, human nature as usual. Mynydd y Gwair is being destroyed now before the eyes of the irresponsible, those who have not bothered to fight wind turbines from apathy and ignorance. They see a huge ugly scar being ripped out of the side of the mountain above them. This is for an access road which should be targeted by protestors. Mynydd y Gwair will NOT be providing electricity for thousands of homes. It may boil a kettle now and then. This stupid claim was just empty minded propaganda read out by a pathetic pseudominister residing on Cardiff docks. Solar is 1.42%, which is totally negligible, and hydro a ghastly 0.22%. Recall that electricity is a small fraction of total energy demand (electricity plus all forms of fuel). World demand has increased by 2% a year for fifty years, work that one out with the compound interest formula and you will see how humankind is depleting resources). So wind turbines produce essentially nothing at huge environmental and human cost, huge suffering of innocent animals, massive destruction of pristine subsoil. All sane people hate to see their country and lives torn apart by crooks. Those responsible should be put away in Broadmoor, a prison for the criminally insane.

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