Wind 15.85%, 4 – 31 mph, Wales 4 – 30 mph, 0718 local time

The wind speed in the Betws area now is an average of 10 mph, an effective wind speed of 1 mph, because it takes 9 mph to start the giant turbines which are generating next to no electricity all year round. This shows very clearly that the cynical destruction of Betws and Mynydd y Gwair was the result of pressure from a corrupt cabal. They knew that the turbines would be useless and built them for subsidies. This in effect overthrew democracy and destroyed a way of life in order to enrich a very few. Electricity is in itself a small fraction of total energy demand (electric and various forms of fuel), so the entire idea of wind turbines is a total failure. They cause major pollution in the course of manufacture of their magnets and steel towers. Mynydd y Gwair is being destroyed for no reason at all, and this is a major crime against democracy, causing intense anger and resentment, building up major resistance in many ways. Solar is 0.57% and hydro 0.40%, both completely negligible. So electricity production depends on dangerous nuclear power stations known to be leaking so much radiation that in fifty years’ time the entire surface area of Europe will be radioactive (kilobequerels per square metre). This was the conclusion of a recent Max Planck Institute study (chemistry, Mainz). A major nuclear accident is almost certain to occur (same study). The obvious and only answer is tidal turbines plus ES and LENR, plus rigorous conservation of all fuel. The other major source of electricity at present is imported natural gas, but during the course of drilling, methane is released, and this traps far more heat than carbon dioxide. Methane in coal mines is fire damp, notorious for causing explosions such as Senghenydd in 1913, killing hundreds of coal miners in one explosion. Meanwhile the three gorges hydro plant in China produces gigawatts of electricity. Tidal turbines in the Bristol Channel would easily meet all demand for electricity, so nuclear and gas can be shut down, leaving hydro, ES and LENR. All nuclear power stations should be destroyed and capped. Otherwise it will take a hundred years to keep them cool (Trawsfynydd shows this already).

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