Lectures on the condensed Sun and stars

These lectures by Pierre-Marie Robitaille completely refute the standard model in many ways which complement the eighty three refutations on www.aias.us. They are strongly recommended to all readers.

Sent: 13/05/2017 15:00:30 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Lectures on the condensed Sun and stars

Dear Scientists and Philosophers,

Professor Pierre-Marie Robitaille has released the first 5 lectures of his series of 40 on the condensed matter nature of the Sun and stars.

Lectures 1-4:
* History of the Gaseous Sun
* Is the sun a Gas? The Standard Model Explained!
* What is Occam’s Razor? (Law of Parsimony)
* Does the Sun have a Surface? Transverse Waves, Helioseismology, CMEs, X-Rays and Flares!

Lecture 5:
The Life cycle of the Stars,

Stephen J. Crothers

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