History of the www.aias.us Website from The Wayback Machine

This famous website was started from Craig Cefn Parc in 2002, the first webmaster being Bob Gray of Biophan Inc., New York State. Its history can be studied by typing http://aias.us/ into the Wayback Machine www.archive.org. The first archive date was 10th October 2002 and the site can be viewed at that date by clicking on the date. The first UFT paper, UFT1, appears on the site on 9th June 2003, written in the Spring of 2003 in this house in Craig Cefn Parc. The famous UFT88 was written between 1st May and 8th August 2007. Dave Burleigh took over as fourth webmaster in 2006. On Dec. 5th 2006 the Omnia Opera is mentioned for the first time and by Dec. 2006 the blog is functional. The second webmaster of www.aias.us was Sean MacLachlan and the third was Gianni Giacchetta. All these dates can be viewed on the Wayback Machine. So this is what is meant by a digital archive of a website. Even if the website is destroyed or lost, the archive still exists indefinitely. In addition, individual members of staff of AIAS and UPITEC have their own archives and backups of www.aias.us and www.upitec.org. There are similar archives for www.upitec.org, www.atomicprecision.com and www.et3m.net. I was appointed Civil List Pensioner on 29th Feb. 2005, and granted arms in July 2008. This is the first time in history that such honours have been awarded to Mawr. I was included in “Burke’s Peerage and Gentry” in 2012. So I am Squire (or Armiger) in Mawr and surrounding areas in the Norman system an Uchelwr (nobleman) in the British system. These titles are the first awarded to Mawr in history. I was the first person from Mawr to earn a Ph. D. and D. Sc. degree. These awards coincided with a rapid advance in knowledge, and the development of a vast and permanent worldwide readership. This process is known as The Post Einsteinian Paradigm Shift (Alwyn van der Merwe).

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