Bug Still Present in Wayback Machine

Agreed that the links all work, but the bug is as just explained by Mark Graham of the Wayback Machine staff. One has to know the full title of the links before typing them in, and the readers would not know the full title in the unlikely event that www.aias.us and www.upitec.org and www.et3m.net disappeared. The Wayback Machine should work by just clicking on any item on the archived site for any date. Horst and Alex found the same bug, which has been acknowledged by the Wayback Machine staff. Mark Graham, Horst Eckardt and myself devised temporary workarounds. My reasoning is that it is always useful to have workarounds posted on www.aias.us in case the Wayback Machine goes down again. This is not very likely, but a permanent archive is the most important thing of all. The Library of Congress realized in about 2000 that there is a huge amount of important material on websites, much more than in books. An international Library initiative was started in about 2001 to archive the entire web. This includes Library of Congress, all the British and Irish copyright libraries, and some other National Libraries. So my aim is to have all our websites at AIAS / UPITEC safely and permanently archived by several National Libraries. Our websites are, as you know, the most important archive of avant garde physics, having attracted twenty two million hits since 2002. A huge amount of voluntary work has gone into building our archives. Obviously therefore, a multiple fail safe institutional archive is of the utmost importance for future generations.

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I have tried about two dozen links and they all work. Which ones do not work for you?

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The bug is still present at 0813 today. local time. The individual links work, but when one types in www.aias.us into www.archive.org, and choses a date, the site comes up for that date, but when an item is selected from the site, the bug appears. Mark Graham at the Wayback Machine mentioned that the bug could take some time to fix, and suggested using the workaround, which is why I asked for the workaround to be posted as a temporary measure so that the vast readership of www.aias.us can continue to read it. Obviously, the institutional archiving of www.aias.us and www.upitec.org is all important, and the Wayback Machine is very important in its own right. I am advised by Aled Betts at the National Library of Wales that their archive will be ready during the summer, using Wayback Machine software at all the British and Irish copyright libraries. So there will be a multiple fail safe archive in addition to our own archives under the Library of Congress initiative. Since 2002 our combined sites have generated twenty two million hits and are the central sites of avant garde physics.

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There is no need for a work around. They fixed the links so they work now (at least the ones I tested).

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Hello Dave, could you post these two workarounds on the home page. so that people can access the www.aias.us archive on www.rchive.org? Many thanks. I can also ask Sean MacLachlan to post the workarounds on his home page of www.upitec.org.

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Many thanks, the system also works if one types in a document directly in teh home page of www.archive.org, for example:

1) www.aias.us/Books/PECE.pdf
2) www.aias.us/documents/uft/CEFE-print.pdf

and so on.

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The procedure that works is as follows:

1. call the Wayback machine in a web browser tab:

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