Wind 10.79%, 1 – 30 mph, Wales 7 – 21 mph, 0733 local time

The wind speed in the Betws area now is 7 mph, not enough to start the giant turbines. So the unique ecology of Betws and Mynydd y Gwair will be totally destroyed by deeply ignorant barbarians for a few pieces of corrupt silver. In view of the catastrophic failure of wind turbines they should be demolished. Note that the percentage contribution to the grid refers only to electric power demand. The total power demand is much greater (electric and solid, liquid and gaseous fuel). So wind turbines contribute essentially nothing, and during their manufacture cause a great of pollution (see my posts yesterday). As Squire or Armiger in Mawr and surrounding areas, I would have them demolished immediately and those responsible for the environmental carnage charged for corruption and massive environmental damage. Solar is a negligible 1.7% and hydro a negligible 0.4%. Nuclear is flat out, and as the Trawsfynydd fiasco shows, that is very dangerous. It will take fifty million pounds a year for a hundred years to keep Trawsfynydd cool. This is ridiculous, the rods could be separated, dismantled, broken up and capped with millions of tons of earth and anti radiation material, as at Chernobyl. There would then be no danger of them reaching critical mass. I assume that they are cooling them with water. The pylons are bringing in power from the grid for this purpose. Trawsfynydd, like the EDCL, lasted only thirty years or so and created a handful of thirty or forty jobs, leaving a deadly legacy of radiation that has caused deaths by cancer among a rare Welsh speaking community. This was covered up for a long time, an evil, criminal conspiracy. Similarly, Wylfa is a creaking, deadly relic, again situated in a rare Welsh speaking community. In about fifty years the entire area of Europe will be radioactive (kilobecquerels per square metres) – Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, posted yesterday. So my lifelong opposition to nuclear power is fully vindicated, and so is the essentially unanimous opposition in all the Celtic Nations: Brittany, Cornwall, Ireland, Isle of Mann, Scotland and Wales in alphabetical order.

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