377(7): Interpretation of the Precession Formulae of ECE2 Relativity

This note shows that the two precession methods of previous notes for UFT377 can be the same if and only if the elliptical orbit is Newtonian (static ellipse, zero precession). The forward and retrograde precessions can be the same if and only if they are both identically zero. Otherwise the two methods give fundamentally different precessions, a very remarkable result, because they are based on the same ECE2 covariant lagrangian. The ECE2 spin connections are given by the numerical solution of the relevant simultaneous differential equations and so are determined completely by the precessions. These are forward precessions in the solar system for example, but may be retrograde percession in the S2 star. A method is suggested of adjusting the spin conenction to give the initial conditions needed for the solution of the differential equations. The idea is to devise a method in which adjustment of the spin connections gives the observed precession in any planar orbit.


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