Nuclear Industry is a Disaster

Google “Likelihood of a nuclear accident” to find a site from the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry at Mainz. This concludes that melt downs such as those at Chernobyl and Fukushima are likely to happen once every fifteen plus or five years, two hundred times more frequently than previously assumed. Western Europe is likely to be contaminated in fifty years by more than 40 kilobecquerel of caesium 137 per square metre. In the event of a major accident, half of the caesium 137 will be spread more than a thousand kilometres away from the nuclear reactor, a sizeable fraction more than two thousand kilometres away. There is still a tremendous amount of suffering from the Chernobyl accident, victims of irradiation. So the U. S. and Germany have shut down their nuclear programmes. Here in Wales, all County Councils once voted to ban nuclear power, but were over-ruled by the colonizing and occupying regime of the day, based in London. Google “Trawsfynydd leaking radiation”, first site, to find that Trawsfynydd nuclear power station was fly dumped on a totally Welsh speaking community in 1965, and stopped producing power from 1991 to 1996. The site describes Trawsfynydd as decaying and dangerous, Llyn Trawsfynydd will be polluted for thousands of years. Electricity pylons carry electricity to the decaying colonial junk in order to cool the reactor. Otherwise it could explode. That would kill most of Wales and England. The plant operated for only 35 years, now it will cost fifty million pounds a year for a hundred years to decommission it. Presumably it needs to be cooled permanently. I warned against this at the EDCL from 1978 to 1983, but was told to keep my mouth shut because they wanted grants from the nuclear industry. The EDCL itself was shut down in 1988. As can be seen every day from my reports, nuclear is always run at maximum, or “flat out”. So the likelihood of a major accident from the ancient nuclear power stations in Wales, Trawsfynydd and Wylfa, is very high. There have been many cancer cases in Trawsfynydd. As my daily reports show, wind power in Wales is essentially useless, averaging about one or two percent of electricity demand, about zero percent of total demand. So tidal turbines in the Bristol Channel are the only answer. Government of energy policy in Wales is self seeking and incompetent. I would advocate trying to cap Trawsfynydd with millions of tons of earth and other material to make sure that it is safe. To cool it for a hundred years seems to me to be a ridiculous half measure. Welds at Trawsfynydd began to decay due to neutron radiation. So as I predicted fifty years ago, when I was still a schoolboy, nuclear power is very dangerous, and forced on Wales against the wishes of all the County Councils. Similarly, Tryweryn was drowned against the wishes of all the M. P. s in Wales, of all parties, to make a reservoir for Birmingham. If Trawsfynydd went up there would be fried brunnies and chips. These are gross violations of human rights and should be tested in International Court. Billions should be demanded for North Wales in compensation.

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