My Grave Concern About Trawsfynydd

The state of Trawsfynydd should cause serious concern all over Europe, the prevailing winds are to the east, across England and on to the continent. It is being cooled continuously instead of being capped like Chernobyl. I have always been vehemently opposed to nuclear power and of course, nuclear weapons (Russell Einstein Manifesto). The fact that a M.A.D. deterrent is sadly needed does not mean that I approve of nuclear weapons. In the Union of Celtic Nations, it would be overwhelmingly probable that the deterrent would be scrapped, and all nuclear power stations scrapped. Our territory would no longer be used as an experimental dumping ground, as it was for the first nuclear power stations that came online in the sixties. Tony Benn described this as the white hot heat of technology, but soon came to his senses. If any one of these dangerous contraptions melted down and blew, or reached critical mass, we would have plenty of heat and radiation. So they must all be capped under millions of tons of earth and other material. Not doing this is a murderous gamble. They have killed enough of our people already.

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