Perfect Health

A lot of strange and evil things have happened to me under the regime of the old County Councillor here, now now vanished into deep obscurity. I would like to call for a local and Parliamentary Enquiry into these incidents, all looked at together. I am appointed directly by the Head of State and Parliament, so these offences are in contempt of Parliament. I have just been told by the DVLA that there is nothing wrong with my eyesight and can keep my licence, I was anonymously denounced to the DVLA (as people often are these days if others don’t like them) and went through three eye tests and a new pair of glasses that I decided to buy myself in preparation for the statutory eye test when I reach the age of 70. I was told by a PIP doctor last August that there is nothing wrong with me at all. Dr Atkins of Clydach Health Centre informed me that I was severely slandered by “the Council” in a telephone call making false allegations about myself. which Council, which Councillors, Dr Atkins would not say more, and informed the DVLA to say that there is nothing wrong with me. I complained, of course, to the Local Authority Ombudsman. This is not the first time that these disgusting, cowardly, and false allegations have been made anonymously, trying to brand me as a nutter. The poor babies (watered down expletive) have been trying for a quarter century. The informers should look in the mirror one day. Severe criminal damage was caused to my car, and this case has never been solved. It is a straightforward case, and should lead to an arrest on circumstantial and forensic evidence. I received hate mail and that was never solved. I am very glad that the defunct old councillor has gone. If I could, I would govern Mawr myself as Armiger and Squire, this could not be more undemocratic than the present ridiculous electoral system .The Princes, my ancestors, were much closer to the People, otherwise they would not have lasted very long. Is this Stalin’s Soviet Union? No, it is contemporary Wales.

cc Police Commissioner for South Wales,
Newlands Family Trustees.

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