Labour to Scrap University Fees

I strongly advise voting Labour in England, SNP in Scotland and Plaid Cymru / Labour in Wales. I would like all these parties to scrap wind turbines. Labour will scrap university fees if elected, which is good news, showing clearly that the tory emphasis on huge fees is evil prejudice against the poor. This should be combined with high entrance standards as in the sixties and government controls over universities to stop the kind of corruption and abuses recorded in my Autobiography, volume two, and to ensure that candidates are chosen fairly. At present, people are burdened by huge fees for mediochre degrees, so only the rich can go to university, parents are forced almost into bankruptcy, hordes of students are imported into Wales without any respect for the People, language and culture of Wales. The tories pushed some unwanted rubbish through my door, without bothering to try to talk with me. It was offensive nonsense caricaturing Wales and Scotland and their human rights, the leaders were caricatured as in a cartoon. This shows what kind of mentality the tories possess and I think that it is unethical electioneering, verging on the illegal. The tory leader was portrayed as great leader, with a lot of war paint on, even though she has only been there a few months and is decimating small libraries all over Wales, desperately trying to stop Scotland from going independent unilaterally. She is essentially ignored by the European leaders, and was a kind of poodle in the less than inspiring presence of Donald Trump. I binned the stuff as I always do with tory propaganda. They have no right to govern Wales, being in a permanent parliamentary minority – a George III type colonial regime. The tories are much afraid of a Labour / SNP / Plaid Cymru coalition, possibly with the Liberal Democrats if there is anything left of them. I think that coalition candidates should be negotiated wherever the tories have a chance of getting in. This should have happened in Mawr to stop the ridiculous spectacle of a candidate getting in with a handful of votes. Coalition candidates would make sure they are kept out forever from both Scotland and Wales, ancient Britain. I would like to see SNP, Plaid Cymru, and Labour in Wales refuse to take up their seats in the Westminster Parliament, and a unilateral declaration of independence by Scotland and Wales. This happened in the 1918 General election in Ireland, when Sinn Feinn took up their seats in the first Dail, led by Eamon de Valera (“We will defeat the British Empire by ignoring it.”). Sinn Fein was founded by Arthur Griffiths (Arthur Gruffudd), several generations Irish. I would also like to see planning for the Union of Celtic Nations (UCN), based on the current League of Celtic Nations (LCN). The Union would seek to rejoin the European Union and ally itself with the United States. The latter would be in control of its nuclear deterrent unless the UCN voted to scrap it.

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