Theme of Introduction

There is another example of what I mean in my ancestral cousin, the seventeenth century metaphysical poet Henry Vaughan of the Tretower Court family:

“I saw eternity the other night,
Like a great ring of pure and endless light,
All calm as it was bright”

These lines were used as a theme in my poem published in “Poetry Wales”, “Y Nos a’i Harianrod”, “The Night and Her Silver Ring” (attached book.) Schubert used very much the same idea in “Mein Traum” and it became a kind of prelude to “Winterreisse”. The theme implies that nothing stands between science (which means “knowledge”) and freedom of thought. The scientific mind is the same as the poetic mind and musical mind. UFT313 ff is a theme and variations which produced a lot of original results. You cannot play a quartet or symphony without many musicians, so this was a truly cooperative effort. The theme is geometry, (“the closest thing to eternity” because it is unchanging, a kind of objective perfection), the variations are hypotheses which produce the physics, rigorously tested at every stage. One has to wander into a far, far land to rid the mind of dogma, or received ideas, then find your own voice. Schubert would always ask who would dare to follow Beethoven, but the answer was already there. Who would dare challenge the dogmatists of any era? Real discoveries, made in an instant, last a century, and it is already clear that ECE will last indefinitely. The dogmatic establishment is now a matter of history. So all humanity can share in this story, or song.


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