Wind 16.09%, 2 – 22 mph, Wales 4 – 19 mph, 0649 local time

Teh wind speed in the Betws area now is 8 mph on average. It takes 9 mph to start teh useless turbines so they are producing nothing as usual. I estimate that the average contribution of wind turbines to the grid throughout Wales, all year round, is about 2%. Betws is an area of relativiely low wind, so its relative contribution to the grid is negligible. The entire ecology of Mynydd y Gwair is about to be destroyed for more useless wind turbines, pushed through to transfer money from tax payers to an absentee arsitocrat. A revolutionary reform of the system is needed. Democracy is being threatened because there is a large majority against these turbines. All the laws on environmental protection have been broken. Solar is a negligible 0.72%, hydro a pitiful 0.32%. So succesive governments are grossly incompetent when it comes to governing. All they do is play politics, and fine tune a badly damaged economy.

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