Open Letter to New County Councillor for Mawr

Brigitte Rowlands,
County Councillor for Mawr,

Although I am of the direct opposite political persuasion, being a lifelong Welsh Republican Nationalist and Bevanite Socialist, I hope that you will respond to and act upon the following points that need your most urgent attention. I write to you as Squire or Armiger, a fluent Welsh speaker born in this house and a U. S. dual citizen, descended from the Princes of Wales and the Norman Aubrey, Havard and Gunter Families, the son of a coal miner descended from the Morgan Aubrey Gentry and a Member of the Gentry.

1) My Bro Iaith policy needs to be adopted most urgently in order to save the Welsh language from extinction in Mawr. This policy includes reopening Welsh schools in Craig Cefn Parc and Garnswllt and working with the Assembly to repopulate Mawr with fluent Welsh speakers, to buy up houses and make them available in housing projects specifically to fluent Welsh speakers at well below market value. Prices of land and houses have been wildly inflated completely out of reach of young people. This economy can be sustained only by most harmful monoglot immigration, and severe overcrowding of roads with vehicles that are far too large. I mentioned this policy recently to Elfed Roberts, Chief Executive of the National Eisteddfod, during his visit here to this historic house. I also discussed it with Elizabeth Evans, Labour Parliamentary candidate for Gower, during her visit here, and Linda Frame, during her visit. Several international scientists have also been here. We all came to agreement on every point. Small, Welsh speaking, communities must not be destroyed for pieces of rotten silver. I have set up the Newlands Family Trust to rent out this house to Welsh speakers, possibly in cooperation with the National Eisteddfod. This is one way of safeguarding the language.
2) Mawr has declined tremendously in all ways in my lifetime, since 1950, from a close knit, crimeless and almost entirely Welsh speaking community to a crime ridden, anonymous suburb. This is due to closure of the drift mines, random monoglot immigration which has all but destroyed the language and culture completely, and remote government. In the past forty years there has been no government at all. For example it has taken sixty years to try to get double yellow lines and parking restrictions, to construct a car park to take cars off the road, and so on. In my discussions with the police, double yellow lines are needed urgently. I successfully helped the police combat vandalism on Gelliwastad, frequently under dangerous conditions. The police ask me to keep an eye on traffic violations, because there are no Wardens.
3) There has been forced development, objections to development were ignored in the past, so the entire character of the villages of Mawr has been destroyed. Houses are crammed into every corner, totally destroying the character of the village. There were plans to force development under MA006, MA007 and MA008, all thrown out. I objected to all of these. Any one of these developments would have completely destroyed the village. The former County Councillor and several Community Councillors were forced to resign over MA006 and similar forced development. There was no respect whatsoever for the Welsh language and this is illegal, a violation of human rights, a murder of the language, a highland clearance, an Irish famine.
4) As Squire or Armiger I am disturbed by the fact that the Mawr Community Council was severely reprimanded TWICE for major accounts irregularities, in 2011 and 2015. It was described by Audit Wales as failing the community entirely, or similar. I was given a copy of the accounts but this gave no idea as to how the money was distributed. Mawr Developnent Trust went into creditors’ insolvency with unknown debts. Attempts were made to auction Gerazim in a pub, grossly offending the Welsh speaking Baptists, or those like myself brought up in that uniquely peaceful way.
5) There have been waves of uncontrolled and unsolved criminality, for example the thief and multiple murderer Dai Morris, waves of car arson, severe vandalism of the environment by horses and bikes, severe arson of the environment and so on. I have experienced attempts to set my car on fire, unsolved and major criminal damage to my car, unsolved hate letter and verbal common assault. These crimes must be solved, and the criminals responsible brought to justice. The international effect of all this is to give the impression that Mawr is populated by savages. In fact this is not true, a tiny minority causes all the trouble.
6) I was informed by Cydach Health Centre that “the Council” had made a false accusation about my health. I can provide evidence if necessary through the doctor who told me, Dr. Atkins. Can you look into this slander as a matter of urgency? Last August I was found by a Government P.I.P. doctor to be in perfect health. This false accusation is a criminal offence, as well as a tort, and reeks of egregious, mindless malice. Who telephoned Clydach Health Centre? There must be no recurrence of such behaviour by a public body. The telephone call occurred shortly after I had made a complaint against the former County Councillor to the Local Authority Ombudsman. The police tell me that the Council must take its share of responsibility in traffic matters, for example double yellow lines, speed barriers and Wardens. Nothing has been done for sixty years. The police also tell me that the Council and others must help to find the author of the hate letter, and to detect the criminal who caused damage to my car by throwing over it a mixture of plaster and glue, severely damaging the intake vent. These are all unsolved crimes.

I will raise these matters with you in more detail by formal letter to the County Council, in the hope that I will get a reply. I am currently discussing these matters with the Commissioner, sometime Rt. Hon. Alun Michael, M. P. Why are there so many unsolved crimes? Am I to believe that the police do not have any money to make investigations? If so, what happens to our Council tax, used to pay the police and Commissioner liberal salaries? Auditor’s reprimands give no confidence in the use of public funds.
I sincerely hope that you will improve things greatly.

Myron Evans
Arglywdd Glyn Tawe a Gwyr,
Squire (or Armiger),

cc M. P. Mawr, Prime Minister’s Office, Chief Constable, Police Commissioner, Police Hate Crime Unit.

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