Wind 7.10%, 1 – 30 mph, Wales 2 – 4 mph, 0743 local time

The wind speed in the Betws area is now 4 mph, not enough to produce any power, so the gigantic wind turbines are producing nothing at the cost of millions in subsidies and almost complete environmental and cultural carnage. No power at all is being produced by wind in Wales now, because it takes 9 mph to start the hideously ugly turbines. Mynydd y Gwair lower down on the plateau is being ripped apart in full view of people who are beginning to realize what is being done to them by an evil tory dictatorship in Wales. Hydro is a pathetic and useless 0.94% and solar 2.83% despite a lot of sun. The renewables policy of the tory government is a total failure. A huge scar has been gouged out of Mynydd y Gwair for an access road. Turbines will soon tower over more small villages in order to make sure that Beaufort continues to be very rich. Socialist inheritance tax and nationalization should have got rid of that despotism in 1946 – 1951. Wales and England are politically polarized, Labour and Plaid Cymru in Wales, the tories in England. The English fascists, UKIP, have been wiped out everywhere. Similarly Scotland and England are polarized, Scotland has a huge SNP majority and the English are desperate to stop their independence. All of this is illegal, a violation of human rights because the tories have no kind of majority in Wales and Scotland, the last colonies. This should be tested in the International Court in The Hague. I look forward to an independent League of Celtic Nations which would renegotiate terms with the European Union and ally itself with the United States for military defence and trade. Labour and Plaid Cymru in Wales should switch immediately to an anti turbine policy. I am sometime advisor for Plaid Cymru from Cornell University. It is very easy to show that wind turbines in Wales are useless. They are a colonial imposition, like taxation without representation.

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