Squire and Laird

Looking at the wikipedia entry on “Squire” it is a title given to a member of the Gentry with a coat of arms, often related to the Peerage. I am a Squire in my own right and also descended from the Gentry, Peers and Princes. I like to think of the coat of arms as a mark of merit, but nonetheless I am descended from the Peerage, the highest rank of which is the Prince or King. In Scotland the Squire is the Laird, for example Donald Cameron of Lochiel. I am descended from Clan mac an Taoiseach (Mackintosh). The definition of Squire that I use is Armiger, shield bearer (late Latin term. “Squire” derives form the Latin “scutarius”, shield bearer, equivalent to the Latin “armiger”, which means “arms bearer”. These days the arms are painted by an artist of the College of Arms to a design of the Armiger’s choice, drafted up by a Herald. Anyone of sufficient merit can be granted a coat of arms. So to me it is a mark of merit.

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