377(1): Orbital Equation with the Relativistic Newton Force

This is Eq. (13), whose planar Cartesian coordinate form is Eqs. (14) and (15). It gives a precessing planar orbit, and is constrained by Eq. (24) from the gravitational equivalent of the Coulomb law, the ECE2 field equation (19). A possible solution of Eq. (24) is given in Eqs. (25) and (26), which are Eqs. (14) and (15) again. However, it is possible to obtain a more general solution of Eq. (24) using spin connection components kappa sub X and kappa sub Y as input parameters. Then we have three simultaneous equations (14), (15) and (24), which should give all kinds of precessing orbits to compare with astronomical data. It is shown at the beginning of the note that the relativistic lagrangian and hamiltonian come out of the relativistic Newton law, as first shown by Einstein in about 1905. So the force equation (13) is the rigorously self consistent one in the laboratory or observer frame in which the field equations are written. The Minkowski force equation of UFT376 also gives precession, the Minkowski four force is defined by Eq. (27) as is well known. It is the relativistic four momentum differentiated by the proper time, which is the particle’s own time, the time in the frame of reference attached to the particle. The two forces are related by Eq. (30). So some very interesting results are beginning to emerge now, without any use of the obsolete Einsteinian general relativity (EGR). In various UFT papers, precessions of different kinds have been computed in many ways. Horst has refined the computational method to the point where it can produce very many new results from theory that is analytically insoluble. Since EGR has been refuted in eighty three ways in the UFT section, no one should use it. EGR has been refuted in many more ways by Stephen Crothers, summarized in his excellent chapter nine of “Principles of ECE”. EGR was completely refuted experimentally in whirlpool galaxies nearly half a century ago, but the dogmatists continue to claim that it has not been refuted at all. Einstein would have dismissed the dogmatists outright, and wrote that it would only take one experiment to refute his theory. So standard physics is in a mess, better to use ECE2 physics, where no druidical magic is used and no human sacrifices of dissidents. I never use my third class druidical licence any more, there being very little demand now for human sacrifice.

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