Wind 17.07%, 3 – 21 mph, Wales 11 – 15 mph, 0717 local time

The effective wind speed in the Betws area now is 6 mph, 15 mph average minus 9 mph needed to start the giant turbines. Therefore these are producing very little power all year round. They are the result of corruption and incompetence. Solar is a negligible 1.43% and hydro is a pathetic 0.91%. Demand is being met by ancient nuclear power stations and imported gas. Huge trenches were ripped out of the countryside around here for gas pipelines. They have not been filled in properly and have ruined the landscape. Another huge scar has just been ripped out of Mynydd y Gwair in full view for miles around in order to force through more totally useless wind turbines against up to 90% of the electorate, local M.P.’s, A. M.’s, Councillors and almost everyone else. I advocate permanent strike action and work to rule against all turbine farms in Wales together with permanent protests of various kinds until they are demolished at developer expense. New laws are needed to prosecute turbine companies for gross environmental damage, much worse than coal mines. It is already clear that there will be horrendous damage to Mynydd y Gwair, slaughter of widlife, destruction of habitat and top soil, more slaughter of birds. The purpose is to provide the absentee Duke of Beaufort with enough money to keep Badmington going. The huge scar is for an access road. This could be blocked permanently by protest groups coming in from all over Wales. The incompetent and corrupt tory government (ruling the home counties) has just chopped the turbine lagoon in Swansea, the only hope for real electric power. So they are out of their minds.

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