Wind 16.35%, 1 – 16 mph, Wales 11 – 16 mph 0655 local time

The average wind speed in the Betws area is now 14 mph, effective wind speed of 5 mph because it takes 9 mph to start the turbines. This is one of the highest wind speed I have recorded since last summer, but is still nowhere near enough to generate any significant power (rated or optimal output of giant turbines needs 20 – 40 mph of steady wind, this never occurs in Britain). So the turbines should be demolished because they are the result of grotesque and mindless corruption, and are useless. Solar is 0.58% and the solar panels in Mawr are also useless. As mentioned on, it somewhat overestimates solar, the data are provided by the University of Sheffield. So solar is a complete waste of time. Hydro is also negligible now. Nuclear is kept flat out all the time, whatever the risks from radiation, and imported gas is nearing full capacity as demand increases during the day. So the tory government is completely incompetent.

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